Why Melissa Barrera Thinks Good Skin Should be a “Human Right”

We spoke with the actor and new Clinique ambassador approximately her pores and skin-care and make-up routines.

Makeup has usually been a aspect for Melissa Barrera. The Mexican actor, who starred in 2021’s In the Heights and 2022’s generation of Scream, has been running the degree on account that childhood. It became in the ones early days, at one in all her dance recitals specifically, that she recalls the primary make-up product she have become obsessed with.

“I keep in mind it so clearly. It became that little inexperienced Clinique compact with a broom and the blush became the maximum lovely colour of pink,” she tells Allure over a Zoom call. “It became like a Mexican pink: fuchsia, vivid pink. My mother used only a little bit on me due to the fact I became a toddler. Then, she’d placed on a touch lipstick and perhaps eye shadow or some thing. But after she became executed, I might sneak lower back in and positioned greater blush on.”

Fast ahead a few decades, numerous dance recitals, and a few predominant performing credit later, and Barrera is lower back to her roots, nevertheless loving Clinique, this time as a logo ambassador. She simply were given executed capturing a marketing campaign for the logo’s new Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation. “For the longest time you will hear, ‘Oh, you put on make-up to cowl your imperfections.’ But that makes it worse as it’s clogging your pores and now no longer letting your pores and skin breathe,” Barrera says, explaining how the inspiration fits her minimalist make-up ordinary (greater on that later).

Through our chat, we discover that Barrera, glamorous as she can be as soon as she steps out, has pretty a low-key method to splendor which we discover relatable. From her pores and skin-care ordinary to her magnificent, lush eyebrows, Barrera shared some key information on how she continues herself searching so rattling suitable.

Melissa Barrera: Growing up, we usually had an aloe leaf on our table. Someone might reduce a bit of it and it’d be there for everyone that wanted it. We might use it for everything: rashes, cuts, burns, scrapes, breakouts — we would use it as a mask. I experience like I even have one of these non-public courting with aloe plants. I surely assume that they may be magic.

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For someone that represents a splendor logo, I am now no longer superb at doing my personal make-up! I’ve found out from having human beings do my make-up over the years, and I can do my face, however I’m now no longer especially professional at doing eye shadow. So I have a tendency to do very herbal make-up due to the fact that is what appears higher once I do it via way of means of myself. I’ll simply cowl imperfections, do mascara, upload a lip tint or some thing, and a touch little bit of blush. The basics.

I do not use lots of basis. I want to maintain it top notch light. But what I love approximately this basis is that it has such a lot of factors that surely paintings to higher your pores and skin whilst you are carrying make-up. You get to appearance suitable, however you are additionally running the pores and skin-care a part of it on the identical time. When you’re taking the make-up off, it surely appears like you simply eliminated a hydrating mask.

Our face is our presentation card and having suitable pores and skin, I assume, have to be a human proper. Everyone merits to have suitable pores and skin as it simply makes you experience higher. I love that this basis has nutrition C, and hyaluronic acid — the matters that we would commonly installed our pores and skin-care routines. It’s a touch bonus.

I’ve been the use of Dexeryl cleaning soap on account that I became 16. It’s some thing that I use to clean my face withinside the morning, at night time, and once in a while withinside the center of the day if I want it. Then, obviously, I even have the Clinique Moisture Surge, which I love as it has aloe vera. It surely stored me whilst I became capturing closing 12 months in Whistler. I became in top notch harsh conditions — outdoors, withinside the sun, in freezing glacier lakes — and it simply took a toll on my pores and skin. That moisturizer simply helped me recover and maintain my pores and skin suitable for the relaxation of the shoot. At night time, I use a touch little bit of retinol.

People question me all of the time why I even have top notch lengthy lashes and it is due to the fact I additionally use a lash serum to cause them to longer. I’ve been the use of it for a whilst, and it simply helps. Plus, it is now no longer the sort that darkens your pores and skin across the eyes. I additionally like to apply the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask at night time proper earlier than bed. That jar has lasted for [redacted] years. I do not know if it is secure to apply some thing for that lengthy, however I do not trust in expiration dates!

We would advise not using your products after their expiration dates — more on that here.