Welcome The Main Characters Of Hot Girl Summer

What do Kim Kardashian West, Melinda Gates and Zoe Kravitz have in common? They are rich, powerful and, maybe better, they are single and ready to mingle. Over the past year, these three titans – along with a host of other powerful women – have given up on their continuing relationships. Whether they’ve consciously decoupled, divorced, or burned the last vestiges of their relationship in an acidic exchange on Twitter, the results are the same. Probably listed under the cause of divorce? Hot Girl Summer is approaching.
Celebrity breakups are just one opening through which to see a national phenomenon among non-famous people: Couples around the world are re-considering their relationships. The National Law Review reported in the 2020 fall, “In the United States, interest in divorce had already risen 34% by April with new couples being the most to file for divorce.” “Some forecast this trend continues, forecasting divorce rates to grow by 10% to 25% in the second half of the year.”
Add a new Hot Girl Summer log to the fire with each paper set served.
Currently, divorce rates are actually dropping nationwide, which some experts are forecasting as a temporary lull before courts are no longer accessible. But there is one notable exception. Gates’s situation is a prime example of what is known as a “gray divorce” or separation between people 50 and over. In the past decade, overall divorce rates have slipped, with people choosing their partners more carefully, gray divorces have actually increased. In many cases, these are people who likely wanted to marriage before freewheeling dating attitudes became widespread and found themselves stuck in a relationship that no longer worked.
According to Orange County family and divorce lawyer Wendy Fountain, cabin fever and confinement conditions have also forced married couples to examine a close look at their partner and explain these separations. But Fountain says there is something bigger at stake: During the pandemic, women of all ages have had fruitful soul-searching.
It may not be a coincidence. Fountain says celebrity divorces that go public – and sometimes haphazardly – in the media go a long way in defining how average Joes and Jills expect their own proceedings to unfold. The fact that independent, strong women press the eject button on their own marriage and fight their way could at least partially explain why Fountain sees its clients doing the same.
Anyone who divorces or leaves a continuing relationship will have a long list of inspiration for breaking up. These celebrities aren’t your typical downtrodden, torn bachelor caricatures; they are prosperous and single. Add a New Diary to Hot Girl Summer’s Fire With Every Set of Papers Served: Jennifer Lopez, called Ben Affleck, and launched her eponymous beauty line, Kardashian made Forbes’ list as a billionaire while studying for the California State Bar Exam, Kravitz for Batwoman took over the filming her role as Catwoman, Saweetie left Quavo and released Three No.1 Songs in the past year, Melinda Gates will always have a powerful stake in one of the most powerful philanthropic foundations in the world.
What emerges from these breaks is the strong female supporter. What used to be a system that held back women seems to be changing, if not a little. The women from Kardashian to your high school friend who got married at 23 are now in charge – the hottest shit Hot Girl. In the words of Kim’s latest Instagram selfie, “Main character”.

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