Valentino Beauty Is The Comfort Update Your Makeup Bag Needs

Valentino Beauty Is The Comfort Update Your Makeup Bag Needs

Very few colors are as alluring and historic as Valentino Red. Introduced in 1959, the brilliant hue, initially dubbed “Fiesta” – a cross between crimson red and fuchsia – embodies the fashion house’s commitment to Italian charm, romance and glamor. Valentino Red is easily recognizable, timeless and welcoming, which the house has perfectly translated into the packaging of its next Valentino Beauty collection.
Valentino’s thread, from eye shadow palettes to foundation and lipstick tubes, evokes the freedom of expression and individuality that are at the heart of the brand. The collection, made up of multi-finished and multi-purpose products, appears in a shiny Valentino red fitted with the equally shiny gold Valentino emblem that appears on Valentino’s iconic bags, jewelry and shoes. The packaging is as luxurious and captivating as the brand’s fantastic dresses.
Throughout the collection, Valentino Beauty’s red and gold color scheme remains even from the gold hardware inside the lipstick tubes to the gold lining around the periphery of the blushes. Valentino Beauty additionally has an extra touch of luxury by attaching a gold chain to its compact powders to mimic the design of a clutch. In addition to blush, foundation and lipstick, the Valentino Beauty collection will also feature its own eyeshadow and cheek palettes, mascara, eyebrow filler, eyeliner, highlighter and a cushion foundation.


  • Rosso Valentino: Say hello to the first lipstick of the brand. To choose from over 50 shades, including reds ranging from pink and tomato to blues and nudes and purples, a lipstick for everyone exists. The lipstick is also designed with intention. The V-shaped bullet is designed for easy application and the packaging can be fully repack.
  • Very Valentino: Valentino hopes to push the foundation world boundaries. Available in 40 shades, the colors were inspired by skin tones research of 5,000 women in eight countries.
  • V-Lighter: A highlighter infused with hyaluronic acid intended to capture the light on the high points of your face.
  • Go Cushion: The cushion foundation has a satin powder finish that is perfect for all day use. The product is available in five shades and offers a double-edged applier.
  • Eye2Cheek: A product that can do it all. This multi-use creamy powder comes in 12 shades and can be used as a blush on the cheeks or as a solo eyeshadow.
  • Eyeshadow Color-Flip: A multi-layered eyeshadow palette is constructed with two-layered quads to offer multiple shades that you can wear together or separately. (There are no rules with Valentino Beauty.)
  • Dual Liner: A liquid ink dual-use liner for 16 hours.
  • Brow Trio: Check out the three-ended brow product that includes both a shading pencil and an eyebrow brush. Available in three shades.
  • Beautiful mascara: Valentino’s mascara. One swipe is supposed to deliver lots of volume for a dramatic eye.

The complete collection will be unveiled on May 31 and available for pre-order at on June 15. In August 2021, Valentino Beauty will start rolling out worldwide.

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