These Compression Socks Are My New Flying Must-Have

These Compression Socks Are My New Flying Must-Have

Like everyone else, my outlook on compression socks was not pretty. They were aesthetically offensive, always paired with ugly open-toed sandals worn exclusively by older people and over and over again generalizations. Then the millennial version of Comrad came into my life, and I realized I had been very unfair.

First of all, they are cute.

These are not, I repeat, the geriatric pair that comes in a skintone-esque tan. It’s like Warby Parker is starting to make socks: you can find stripes, gradients, powder pink or a logo version. These are compression socks meant to be seen. And far from being tights, the Comrad pair looks like normal knee-high socks that fall below the knee.

The material is super soft.

Having never worn compression socks before my conversion, I can only guess what the OG versions look like. Comrad fabric is soft and looks expensive, the exact opposite of a rough Ace bandage type bandage. Nothing scratches or digs into my skin.

Everything vibrates in the best possible way.

I first wore my pair on a long haul flight because I was vaguely aware that it was a recommended thing to do. According to the National Institutes of Health, compression socks circulate your blood, help prevent swelling in the legs, and keep sore legs at bay. While I have never gotten off a flight or finished a long day standing with noticeably swollen legs (don’t think so?), there have certainly been times when I have managed to collect my bags and realized that my feet seemed a little swollen.
From the moment I carefully donned my pair things improved, as if my legs were, honestly, shiny. I attributed it to the superior blood circulation, but whatever the cause, it was refreshing.
Taking them off and moving on to normal life was also wonderful, as if I hadn’t been sitting for more than 7 hours. My feet and ankles looked normal, not angry, and I felt like I had done something healthy for my body.
In short, I never go on a long flight again without a pair (and I could start wearing them in normal life too!).

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