The Mini Bag That Really Adapts To Things

The Mini Bag That Really Adapts To Things

Mini bags can be cute, but also slightly silly. As my colleague Chloe Hall so artfully wondered about Kendall Jenner’s micro mini bag: What can you actually put in this thing?
I had never been convinced to try the trend until recently when my beloved Tory Burch Lee Radziwill bag was reduced to a small size. You see, I have a soft spot for retro-inspired shapes that I don’t feel bad about calling a wallet (and I think Lee is the ultimate style icon).
Also, I like that my shoulder bags have a handle on the top because it gives me options to carry it (over the shoulder, crossbody, in the crook of my arm). And while I have a lot of “work” bags, I’m usually more lost on weekends when the amount of stuff I need to carry drops dramatically.
Little Lee was my answer. Why?

Confirmed: You can install XL cell phone.

For my bags other than the desk, I don’t need much: space for my phone (a Google Pixel XL, almost identical to a large iPhone), lip balm and my wallet and / or a handful of discounted credit cards. Check, check, check. Everything fits (I skip the wallet if I want to close the bag; it works / doesn’t spill everything / looks classy open too) and is not that small it’s comical.

The removable shoulder strap makes it versatile.

I am very attached to the idea of the two-for-one style and the bags can be a serious competitor in this category. I regularly wear little Lee to run errands, go to Pilates, or have lunch, but I also plan to remove the long strap and use the bag for formal events.

It allows me to pretend I’m Lisa Rinna.

Rinna is one of the housewives whose style appeals to me the most. It’s different from mine, but it has a streamlined quality and consistency that I really appreciate. As such, I loved it when she debuted her mini Hermès Kelly this season (and I had a moment to explain to the ladies that she wasn’t really the type to have a blast on them. handbags, but thought she should have some fun).
Anyway, I love how the Lee has the same vibe as a Kelly, but don’t try to pretend he’s a Kelly – the distinction is extremely important in my mind. . It’s chic, it’s timeless, it’s understated and it gets the job done. What more do you need in a bag?

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