The Duchess will have “time to shine in her own way”

Marlene Koenig, British and European royalty expert for History Extra, told Insider that Harry and Markle’s departure could ultimately change Middleton’s public perception as she is given a chance to emerge in her role as future queen consort.
“I was a critic and I said ‘Ok, this is the year Catherine will step up’ and then years go by … and she was getting the ‘Lazy Katie’, ‘Waity Katie’, all those guys of things, “said Koenig, author of” Queen Victoria’s Descendants “.
Koenig referred to the nicknames the press had given the Duchess ahead of her royal wedding in 2011. “Lazy Katie” was used to refer to reports that the Duchess quit her job to “prepare for real life” before marrying. Prince William.
In the nine years that Middleton has been a member of the royal family, however, press coverage has changed dramatically.
According to new research conducted by Brandwatch Consumer Research, the Duchess appeared in only 4,300 negative news stories in 2019, compared to Markle’s 21,100 negative stories.
“Of course Catherine was fired before the wedding, but now that she’s doing everything right, presumably, the press coverage has changed,” Koenig added.
Koenig went on to compare the Duchess to the late Princess Grace of Monaco, who she says “took a long time to get accepted” in the country.
“I think it might have been a good thing, in hindsight, and we’re going to see her emerge from that chrysalis and have her time to shine in her own way,” he said.
“I mean, she’s very different from Meghan and we shouldn’t blame any of them for what they do. She knows where her stand is going to be and she’s following the rules.”
Koenig added that even if Markle had decided to stay in the royal family, the media coverage likely wouldn’t have changed.
“No, because Meghan’s story lent itself to the tabloid press,” he said.
“He has a horrible father and a half-sister he has barely seen in years … maybe ‘never complain, never explain’ may not have been the best thing to do in this situation.”


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