Style-Hacks For Tall Men

Tall guys specifically frequently put on garments that don’t suit properly. Isn’t it sufficient to simply do the other of what is usually recommended for a person of smaller stature? Do you furthermore mght have problems locating the proper garb due to your height? We need you to recognise that’s normal, and we’ll assist you provide you with some solutions. Here are a few styling hints you shouldn’t be with out as a tall guy.


As a tall guy, you’ve probable gotten the end to handiest put on darkish garments. We say: Ignore this advice! Layering is the magic word – as an instance a checked blouse over a band blouse, plus the add-ons of the hour aka baseball cap, sunglasses, and pa sneakers.

Avoid Stripes

Although the sample is trendy, vertical stripes make you appearance even taller. If you would love to put on some thing striped, it’s miles higher to select horizontal stripes that cut up your appearance. In addition, you must mostly choose a barely wider stripe design. Tall human beings must keep away from shirts with skinny stripes.

Find The Perfect Suit

When it involves suits, narrow cuts are your friend. If you’re searching out a undying classic, attempt a two-button blazer. With this cut, the cuffs generally take a seat down a touch better and make your shoulders seem wider. For a clever appearance, the sleeves must give up at wrist level.

Avoid Jeans That Are Too Tight

We’re concerned about tailor-made garb if via way of means of tailored you suggest tailor-made. However, attempt to chorus from sporting overly tight denims or trousers, as they’ll intensify your frame form and handiest make you appearance taller and thinner. If you choose a slimmer fashion, choose narrow-becoming or tailor-made pants, which provide you the appearance you need with out making you appearance bigger.

Wear Coats

As a tall guy, you can’t pass incorrect with an extended coat. If it’s now no longer 20+ degrees, you throw on a trench coat, which emphasizes shoulders, hips and knees and hence without difficulty balances your proportions. Trench Coats aren’t simply trendy, however additionally sophisticated, and underrated. If you’re a tall guy and need to put money into this fine piece of garb, ensure it hits at the least underneath the knee, ideally mid-calf. Avoid thigh or waist-period coats as they’ll handiest intensify your height.

Jackets, Always And Everywhere

If you’re each tall and narrow, you must put on a jacket or blazer on every occasion possible, as those clothes intensify your shoulders, upload a touch width and advantage each your appearance and your fashion. Be cautious now no longer to apply an excessive amount of padding, though, until you need to head directly again to the ’80s.

Choose Colorful Shoes

A shoe with a print now no longer handiest provides greater fashion factors for your outfit however attracts interest down in place of up. Furthermore, revealed footwear have a tendency to visually shorten your ft, every other plus considering maximum tall guys frequently have massive ft too.

Avoid Low-Rise Pants

It is quality now no longer to put on low-slung trousers that visually prolong the torso. For a extra proportionate appearance, choose medium to excessive cuts instead.