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The Queen’s weight-reduction plan is a charming one — each in its odd mundanity and in its function quirks which display up occasionally to remind you that, yeah, she is definitely a queen. From her every day ordinary to her strict regulations to her occasional indulges, those are the behavior and manners of the world’s maximum well-known woman.

A easy breakfast

When it involves food, her every day ordinary is not some thing in particular out of the ordinary. She wakes up at round 7:30 a.m. and enjoys a pot of Earl Grey (with milk, with out sugar) with some biscuits as she listens to the radio and prepares for a morning bath. Breakfast itself is a touch greater complex — she and Philip commonly have a variety of cereal, yogurt and toast with marmalade.

And yes, Kellogg’s (or, greater specifically, Special K with fruit) is the cereal of preference for Liz, who serves it to herself out of Tupperware. And if that each one appears only a tad too low-key, take solace withinside the information that she frequently eats all this off a jewel-encrusted marble dish that, 30 years ago, turned into really well worth 500,000 pounds — so these days is probable really well worth millions.

Her first drink of the day

The Queen’s every day preference of alcohol is thoroughly unwavering. Just earlier than lunch, she’ll drink a gin and Dubonnet with a slice of lemon and ice. For the uninitiated, Dubonnet is a candy, wine-primarily based totally aperitif that blends fortified wine, herbs and spices, which turned into the fave drink of HRH the Queen Mother. Two-elements Dubonnet and one-component gin is the Queen’s recipe.

As for the logo of gin she enjoys, it is Tanqueray Gordon & Co. who’re recipients of a royal warrant, that means both Gordon’s or Tanqueray — each grocery store manufacturers withinside the U.K. — can be the gin of preference for Her Majesty. The HuffPost has a step-through-step recipe, in case you have got a hankering to observe in shape and begin ingesting cocktails earlier than lunch.

An even less complicated lunch

Lunches have a tendency to be simple for the Queen. Served at round 1 p.m., it has a tendency to contain a few aggregate of fish and veggies. According to her former chef Darren McGrady, a regular lunch would possibly include grilled Dover sole on a mattress of wilted spinach with courgettes, or some thing similar.

Naturally, that is simply private desire, and matters are pretty distinct if she’s pleasing or travelling. On a royal visit, she would possibly eat a meal inclusive of salmon tian with fennel and apple salad, observed through a rib of lamb with bean cassoulet and lemon jus, crowned off with a burnt-orange tart with poached meringue and blackberry compote. It appears probable, however, that she’d a whole lot as an alternative preserve it easy — the infinite banquets and full-path lunches have to weigh one down after a even as, after all.

A now no longer-so-easy afternoon tea

Afternoon tea holds a unique region withinside the U.K.’s history. It originated withinside the 1840s, turned into stated to be popularized through Anna Russell, Duchess of Bedford (a lifelong buddy of the Elizabeth’s tremendous-tremendous-grandmother, Queen Victoria) and speedy have become a favourite meal of the better social classes. Nowadays, it is greater of a unique event thing, however the Queen nevertheless sits for it each day.

It includes cakes, inclusive of honey and cream sponge, ginger cake, fruit cake or chocolate biscuit cake; finger sandwiches (with out crusts) which would possibly incorporate cucumber, smoked salmon, egg mayonnaise or ham and mustard; and ultimately tiny raspberry jam sandwiches referred to as jam pennies. These, of path, are served with tea. Everything is stored pretty small, too, which makes sense — she had a big breakfast, after all.

Dinner with Phil

As with lunch, dinner at occasions of even as pleasing is commonly an fairly indulgent and complex affair — whilst it is simply Liz and Phil, however, that is not often the case. The pair will alternate right into a greater snug set of garments earlier than playing a “relaxed” meal of meat (lamb, roast beef, mutton, grouse or salmon, frequently taken from the Queen’s personal estates at Sandringham or Balmoral) with veggies and a Martini as an aperitif.

Dessert would possibly consist of strawberries, additionally picked at Balmoral, or white peaches grown at Windsor Castle. It’s additionally really well worth noting that quite a number condiments, along with Lea & Perrins, HP Sauce and Heinz, all keep royal warrants, so she’s probable a fan of a glob at the side. What she’s now no longer a fan of is wine, aleven though, which she not often beverages at her personal dinners.

Her very last drink of the day

After dinner, the Queen will calm down to look at Coronation Street or play a game (jigsaws, crosswords and Scrabble, puzzle fans), earlier than doing some greater paintings later withinside the evening. This is likewise the time whilst she’ll have her very last drink of the day: a pitcher of Champagne. No fewer than 8 manufacturers of Champagne convey the royal warrant, aleven though the Queen is stated to be in particular a fan of Bollinger, Krug, Lanson and Pol Roger.

And that tumbler of bubbly is not anything to criticize, both — consistent with experts, ingesting a pitcher earlier than mattress has few fitness issues related to it and is probable useful to her fitness, wellbeing and stamina. So in case you actually need to stay lengthy and royally, first-class crack out the Bolly.

Her Royal Chocolateness

While she has her truthful proportion of gastronomic likes and dislikes, one precise favourite of the Queen’s merits unique mention: chocolate. Among her maximum well-cherished candy cakes are chocolate biscuit cake, chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache sponge cake. Not most effective that, however, consistent with ex-royal chef Darren McGrady, essentially any menu object given to her for approval might be green-lit if it contained chocolate.

Some bonus minutiaelities for you: she likes it darker and as sour as possible — a cocoa content material of 60 percentage or better is some thing of a have to-have, and she or he is not a big fan of milk or white chocolate. Her absolute favourite chocolate for snacking are Bendicks Bittermints, which, in case you’ve in no way had them, are concurrently supremely darkish and extremely minty. Right at the mark.

A post-church roast

Like quite a whole lot each right-minded Brit, the Queen has pretty an inclination closer to Sunday roasts. Being one in all Britain’s maximum cherished culinary traditions, this is not a whole lot of a surprise. They had been in the beginning intended to be a meal Englishmen might consume following church offerings withinside the 1400s, and shortly have become inexorably famous with aristocrats and employees alike.

The Queen, naturally, continues the culture alive — she sits down for her roast after attending Sunday mass. As in step with usual, the reduce of meat will come from some thing hunted on her personal estates, and she or he has a desire for well-executed joints, now no longer being a big fan of the rarer cuts. If she’s some thing like her subjects, this Sunday roast is observed and observed through a tremendous deal of boozing, however we are now no longer pretty capable of verify that one.


Her Majesty would possibly err closer to lighter food day-to-day, however modesty is going down the drain at Christmas. Lunch is a certainly luxurious affair: turkey, stuffings, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, parsnips and Brussel sprouts, observed through a Christmas pudding doused in brandy and set alight. After lunch, the own circle of relatives is going for a stroll across the estate (Sandringham, at Christmas) earlier than afternoon tea. Then the order of the day is chocolate Yule log, scones, mince pies, sandwiches and greater Christmas cake.


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