Middleton’s role was already changing before the “Megxit”

Middleton had already taken on more responsibilities before Markle and Harry officially left their royal duties earlier this year.
Although the Duchess’s solo projects are primarily focused on early childhood, she also collaborated on the Heads Together mental health campaign with Prince William and Prince Harry and Markle when she joined the family in 2018.
However, Harry and Markle resigned last year from the charity running the initiative, the Royal Foundation, to start working for their own charity.

Middleton and William continued to work on the campaign without Harry and Markle’s assistance later in 2019.
In November, they spoke on an engagement for Shout, the mental health text line they had previously launched with the couple.
The pair are showing no signs of slowing anytime soon, as they hosted their first reception at Buckingham Palace for the UK-Africa Investment Summit earlier this month.
“In the wake of the Megxit and Prince Andrew’s disgrace, the royal family has experienced its worst period since the 1990s,” royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told The Express.
“Yet it’s not wise to underestimate her ability to reinvent herself. This was a time that Kate handled flawlessly and imaginatively.
“Whether it’s her commitment to helping children, the enchanting gardens she designs or her status as a fashion icon, Kate is certainly thriving and attracting extremely positive global coverage at a time when the monarchy undoubtedly needs the his undoubted abilities “.
Buckingham Palace has yet to release details on the Duchess’s plans for 2020.
Whether you continue to focus on your own advocacy and mental health initiatives, or take on something different, this new royal era certainly lends itself to the Duchess of Cambridge.


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