Jeremy Scott’s Moschino Collection, Presented On Puppets, Reflects The World ‘Upside Down’

Jeremy Scott's Moschino Collection, Presented On Puppets, Reflects The World 'Upside Down'

Jeremy Scott, the Creative Director of Moschino, took fashion innovation to a whole new level in 2020. In a year when collecting models for a runway is a health hazard, Scott has decided to launch his spring collection / summer 2021 on puppet models created by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.
The clothes reflect even more 2020 in their design: “Edges, seams, corsetry bonings, panels, darts, trims, etc.” appear on the clothes, Moschino shared in a press release.
The press release says Scott’s collection was inspired by the kind of upside down year we’ve had (in my words; 2020 is trash fire):
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“In no time, the planet turned the wrong way up,” the handout read. “It hasn’t capsized, but we’re certainly living upside down, upside down. The upheaval. Everything is surreal but also too real at the same time. It’s a recognizable place, but it feels alien, alien. and certainly disconcerting. Yet through this paradigm, a revolutionary rulebook are going to be written. The old manual will burn. It burns. We will not call this a new beginning as long as it is a new beginning. Jeremy Scott’s Moschino Spring / Summer 2021 womenswear collection takes these cogs – which, in general, have been hidden and untreated – and puts them to the fore. In 2020, the devices we know have been widely exposed. Scott has chosen to reflect this phenomenon, and build upon it. ”
As reported last June, the fashion industry is changing dramatically in the face of this global pandemic. Michael Kors, Giorgio Armani, Alexander Wang and others have announced that they will either skip fashion week this year or take a different route from traditional catwalks. It looks like Moschino is at the top of the list when it comes to creative pivots during this … trash fire.
This is no shock from Scott, who appears as a puppet in his show.
“I think fundamentally of creativity like water,” he told ELLE this month. “You pour it into a glass pitcher, then you’ll take that pitcher and pour it into a glass to drink, otherwise you’ll pour it into a vase, or you can pour it into a pool, or you can pour it into the vases. cracks in the sidewalk. It will take these shapes and forms no matter what vessel you put them in. “