Jane Fonda Reflects On Her Best Beauty Moments Over The Years

Jane Fonda Reflects On Her Best Beauty Moments Over The Years

Jane Fonda doesn’t feel like she’s already taken a look. And if you’re a fan of the actress / activist / exercise icon (ahem, me), you likely agree with her. Every ‘look’ Fonda donned, whether it was Golden Pond’s upturned curls or the mullet that will forever be etched in our hearts, minds, and the United States legal system when captured in her 1970s passport photo (by carrying vitamins) – was an all-caps look.
Her more than sixty-year career is filled with inspiration for beauty, fashion and life. Fonda has inspired generations of women to use their voices to defend their beliefs. The pandemic has not slowed Fonda. This year, she hosted Virtual Fire Drill Fridays, accepted the Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award, and became an Ambassador for Uncle Bud’s CBD and Hemp brand. “Don’t hit the CBD until you’ve tried it,” Fonda tells anyone who might be skeptical. (It looks perfect after training Jane Fonda, the original pressings can still be found on Etsy. Buy it and the rest of the site at 30% off with code “JANE30”)
Below, Fonda gives out some of her most iconic looks in a way only Jane Fonda can.

Barefoot in the park, 1967

“I don’t know what to call it, as now I’m all gray. The honey blonde was so subtle and unique. My brilliant colorist at time, Negin Zand, is the only one that can do it.”

Oscars, 1972

“I kept the Klute look. I didn’t know this haircut was going to be so iconic, I just thought, ‘I can handle this on the front line.'”

Oscars, 1979

“I can’t wear any makeup other than eyeliner and light concealer under my eyes. I’ve learned from experience that it’s best not to mess up your hair when it comes to dressing on a red carpet. Make a smokey eye of course, wear comfortable shoes, and if possible a comfortable dress (hey, I can dream, right?).”

Jane Fonda’s Practice Book, 1982

“The first workout video was very low budgeted. We did everything on our own. It was very rag-tag. But in the later videos we had a hair and makeup team coming in with lambskin dipped in ice-cold water to slip on our necks to cool off, pat us and mend damage while filming.”

Fire drill Friday, 2019

“I didn’t care myself for wanting to look good in arrest, but there was always a lot of press!
Your lip definition comes out the window when you’re my age, so the one product I won’t leave the house without is lipstick and lip liner. But drawing a lip line is like driving on a washboard dirt road. bump bump. All those wrinkles! I no longer use glossy lipstick. I keep it mat. The shine is not good on older skin.”

Golden Globes 2021 red carpet

“My approach to beauty during shelter in place didn’t change because I was doing effective fire drills Friday every week and lots of virtual events, so I was still wearing a lot. So this look is nothing special to me, just what I wear for interviews. It was done by my glam team that I work with in life and for TV and film: David De Leon does my makeup and Jonathan Hanousek comb my hair.”

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