I Finally Found A Summer Party Shoe That Is Really Comfortable

I Finally Found A Summer Party Shoe That Is Really Comfortable

The shoe needs of summer – light and ready to party anytime – are so much more fun than the shoe needs of its opposite season (winter = raincoat = boring).
I found my go-to flat sandal, as well as my white sneaker, but a heel that could work for the office and a summer wedding was my Achilles heel. A vital supporting actor role on the stage which is my closet, of course, but I just couldn’t find the right fit for the job.
Come in, Aera’s Sally Heel. Why is this so awesome?

First of all, it’s ecological.

This is a factor that is becoming more and more important to me: in my older and wiser years, I am more willing to spend more on ethically produced items.
AERA is the brand new line of vegan shoes from industry veterans Jean-Michel Cazabat and Tina Bhojwani (the former has had an eponymous shoe line for years; the latter, managerial positions in major fashion houses) and Alvertos Revach. The trio are committed to using vegan materials, but also recycled products wherever possible (and skipping things like all the crazy amounts of plastic stuff you find in a new box of shoes).
Compensating for any inevitable harm is also part of her trick. There’s no denying that the production process requires water, for example, but the quid-pro-quo setup means the company invests funds in restoring water to natural areas in the United States that have a critical need.

My sweet Sally is just the right height.

It’s the fault of becoming a real adult, the fault of the continued popularity of sneakers: I don’t really wear heels anymore. That said, there are certain dresses or situations where something more refined than my favorite Velcro Vejas is required, and, finally, I have my answer.
Three inches seems to be the magic number. Higher and you start to wobble or hurt; much lower and you’re in kitten heel territory (which sometimes works, sometimes not). At exactly three, Sally is right.

The thin straps look a bit like the 90s (in the best way).

I’ve never fully embraced the ’90s resurgence, but there’s one vibe I’m ready to dip my literal toe into: the sexy sandal, barely there. The single shoulder strap and scarf is something so easy to imagine on Cher Horowitz or Carrie Bradshaw (ideally worn with a babydoll dress or whatever passes for a dress by Calvin Klein).
The feeling of flashing back is subtle enough, however, that you don’t run the risk of getting bored of Sally. In terms of comfort and aesthetics, this is the kind of shoe you will come back to time and time again.

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