‘Falling’ singer Trevor Daniel shares his top TikTok buys

Trevor Daniel’s song “Falling” made him sensational on TikTok, but the social platform changed a lot more than his career: it also influenced him to buy almost “everything,” as he told Page Six Style.
“I took a couple of sunset lamps; give that golden hour glow, “the 27-year-old Houston native – who released his new EP,” This Was Then, “in November – said of his latest viral signings.
“And there are these galaxy projectors ($ 59.99) that project the stars against the ceiling.”
While celestial lights could be an excellent gift during the holiday season (particularly for the Gen Zers on your list), Daniel said you can’t go wrong with a good old-fashioned Starbucks or Amazon gift card – or a bath bomb or two.
“These are my sock fillers,” she shared, pointing to Bed Bath & Beyond’s bubbly bath (from $ 9.95) as her personal favorite. “You just leave them in and [take] an immediate bubble bath.”


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