Everything You Need To Know About Curtain Fringes

Everything You Need To Know About Curtain Fringes

Think you have curtain bangs? I understand you. I decided to take the plunge as celebrity pics with the look, like Ariana Grande in her 34 + 35 music video and new mom Gigi Hadid made him much more coveted.
Of course, I was apprehensive before making my hairdressing appointment. Even though I was not planning a full haircut, I knew that even the little change in any hair look can have a transformative effect. I had what looked like 3,000 questions – so I asked the top experts to weigh in. Coming up, learn more about bangs and my experience getting the look.

What exactly are curtain fringes?

“It has the feel of grown-up bangs,” says Levi Monarch, a New York-based stylist at Rob Peetoom salon and the maestro who was expected to cut my hair. He explains that the bangs are cut at a slight angle – starting short in the center of the hairline and gradually extending towards your ears.
“They’re fun, don’t sit directly on your forehead and fall more gently on your face,” adds famous hairstylist Riawna Capri. She says the look “was very famous in the 60s and 70s”. Think: the hairstyle popularized by movie icon Brigitte Bardot.
Capri believes the look made a comeback last year due to his 40s.
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How are curtain fringes cut?

Capri and Monarch say the first thing to do was curtain fringes should be cut by professionals who make specific considerations before cutting them. While the look works with almost any face shape, Monarch says it can help determine the length of the bangs.
Monarch says he also takes facial features into account when determining how long to cut bangs.
After factoring in my heart-shaped face and the length of my hair (which was very long), Monarch decided that the longest point of my curtain bangs reached the top of my jawline. He divided my part in the center and sectioned the hair on both sides of my head which would eventually become my bangs. (The sections should start an inch from the hairline.) Then he started in the center of the hairline and cut my bangs at a slight angle from long to short.

How do you style the curtain bangs?

Styling curtain bangs can be straightforward. Capris suggests having a heat protector (her choice is InCommon Magic Myst Universal Elixir), a round brush, and a hair dryer handy.
Style your curtain bangs in three steps:

  1. Protect: Spray your curtain fringe with heat protectant.
  2. Roll up and flip: “Hook your bangs forward on your brush, and raise it and twist when your dryer hits your hair directly,” says Capris. “Roll your brush forward. Then blow the sides forward and roll the brush back to flip it to the sides. “
  3. Seal in the look: Monarch suggests a light oil, like Davines. It is a non-petroleum oil.


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