Dior’s Whimsical Runway Is A Fairy Tale For Adults

Dior's Whimsical Runway Is A Fairy Tale For Adults

The magic of Dior is the stuff of fairy tales. From its membership in the female mystique to an international star fan base that includes its new face, Jisoo of Blackpink, to supernatural sales growth in 2020 despite a global pandemic, the fashion house knows the power of explanation. For her fall-winter 2021 collection, artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri engaged herself in childish folklore, this time in its literal form. The aim was not to bring down an unreachable and unrelated fantasy to our modern times, but to use it as an impetus to rediscover modern feelings. As the show’s notes explain, a fairy tale “serves to challenge and revisit stereotypes and archetypes. It is a story projected into the future.”
The future as forecasted by Chiuri removes the cartoonish aspect of our beloved childhood fables and never ventures into kitsch; There are direct references in subtle forms, but that’s never misinterpreted as Disney fodder. Because who doesn’t want to dress such as a princess? A red cape in the style of Little Red Riding Hood is a standout look aimed at adults, while dresses in oceanic and harlequin prints look fit for a mermaid, queen of hearts, or red carpet. Dior’s iconic Bar Jacket is revisited in a uniform for tin soldiers. A rose motif is highlighted throughout the collection in memory of Beauty and the Beast, the adaptation of Jean Cocteau to be precise, a film adored by Chiuri. The collection reads playfully like a compilation of storybooks, carefully captured in 64 looks.
As with almost every presentation this season, the show didn’t have an in-person runway, but still had famous guests practically seated in the front row. Attendees watched from the comfort of their own homes, decked out in Dior, with celebrities including Bae Suzy, Chriselle Lim, and Suki Waterhouse. We forecast that by the time in-person events return, we’ll see our favorite celebrities dressed as Ariel and Belle.

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