Differences between real and fake designer bags

Are you thinking of buying a new designer bag? If it’s your first designer bag, beware – there are too many fakes on the market.

Here are the things you should learn:

1. First of all you should see and understand the difference between an original bag and a fake one. Get informed and you will be able to avoid counterfeiters. Famous designers make original bags that are original. Your bag may have been created by a less famous company. However, you should mainly focus on luxury goods. If you want to own something special, pay attention to the attachments, charms, logo and other things. All of these have their special places on the bag and numbers. There should be trademarks, signatures, tags and other characteristics. They prove the identity and where the bag comes from. The price for a luxury bag varies and cannot be low as you pay for the label, name and brand.
2. Be wise and know the places where real designer bags are sold. All famous brands have their own shops. Some have the same brand name. In some cases, designer bags can be sold in a quality store, boutique or luxury department. People who sell bags should know all about quality, pedigree and guarantees. Be careful if anyone is trying to sell designer bags at a flea market. Be wary of street vendors. Street vendors are not allowed to sell designer handbags or purses. Finding a cheap designer bag at a flea market is next to impossible, but it does happen sometimes.
3. Good things are never cheap. Designer handbags and purses belong to luxury goods, something that sets us apart from the crowd and makes us stand out. They tell others about your social status. Don’t trust sellers who offer you designer purses and purses at a low price.

4. The imitated and fake bags have some markings. If you notice them, it means that you are looking at a fake. First of all, pay attention to the quality of the seams. A designer bag cannot have uneven, oblique and sloppy seams. It is typical only of poorly made items, and luxury brands would never let low quality products be sold to their customers. Next, you should check the labels and tags. The internal labels are hand-sewn or printed on the leather. Copies or fakes have no brand names on the internal tags. External labels are also important: authenticity labels should also be visible on the outside.
5. Find out who made the hinges. The manufacturer matters a lot. Look at the bottom of the hinges – you should see a logo there. Most brands use the same zipper manufacturers on all of their items and only choose well-known manufacturers.
6. Learn the difference between a value purchase and a designer bag. Luxury goods have their own brands – this is what you are paying for. If you’re not short on cash, go ahead and buy a luxury handbag. If you are looking for quality rather than quality plus a famous name, consider buying a regular brand whose quality is high but prices are not high. Are you ready to pay over $ 1000 on a plastic bag but with a signed label and certificates? Or are you looking for a good leather bag from a lesser-known manufacturer whose items cost $ 200 at most? Be in charge of your bank account and don’t become another victim of the fashion industry.
Fortunately, you are free to choose from a wide variety of companies, brands and young designers who are creative, unique and very stylish. Visit some sites, local craft markets and gift shops – we’re sure you’ll find plenty of excellent deals there.