Beautiful-Hair-Haver Priyanka Chopra Jonas Launches Hair Care Line

Beautiful-Hair-Haver Priyanka Chopra Jonas Launches Hair Care Line

For a moment, let’s talk about Priyanka Chopra’s hair. It’s shiny, luxurious, healthy, and arrives at a target near you. The actress enters the world of beauty with Anomaly Haircare, a line of affordable and sustainable hair products designed for everyday use.
Launched on February 1, the collection includes a deep conditioning mask, dry shampoo, and three different types of conditioner and shampoo. And what else? It’s good for the environment – every bottle is made from plastic pollution from landfills and oceans.
Chopra claims she’s not a pro (I disagree), but she has great hair and new bangs, which brings me to a very important question: Should I have bangs too ? “I thought for the role I was playing in my new movie, Text For You, the bangs worked for her character.”
But the actress doesn’t say no to me. “Hair grows back!” she reassures. “That’s how I feel. You should never ‘what if’ in your life. If you feel like bangs, do it, don’t cut them yourself. Ask a professional to do it. But you do. know what girl? You have a life, live it. ”
Before, Chopra talks about her new hair care line, favorite midlife watches, and the tip for the perfect bangs.

What encouraged you to create a hair care line?

I decided to do a beauty line, but I didn’t know what it would be until I realized what the gap was in the market. You’ve seen a lot of skin care that is sustainable, clean, vegan, and cruelty-free, but you haven’t really seen that in hair care. I wanted top quality products that were free from parabens and sulfates, but super clean.
[Anomaly] equals six dollars for each product because we spent so little on our packaging. This is all recycled waste, so you can take the bottle and recycle it again. Everyone should have access to great hair and it should not cost us the earth.

Why did you choose the name Anomaly?

The definition of an anomaly is something that deviates from what is normal, standard, what is expected. We are all inconsistent and the brand celebrates our differences. It allows people to make beautiful choices without killing the earth. I sincerely believe that each of us is unique. It’s more than hair, it’s our identities.

What’s your hair care routine?

I need a great hair mask. I do this once or twice a week when I have some time to take a longer shower. The mild shampoo really helps me wash my hair everyday because I’m at the gym and working out. I use the moisturizing shampoo because my hair is thick and it gets really dry with the treatments and I’m still in the glamorous chair. And then the third, the clarifying shampoo is my favorite. It contains charcoal and eucalyptus, so it really cleans you thoroughly.

Do you have any style tips for people with bangs?

I don’t dry them with a brush in everyday life. I just take a hair dryer like you’re in a car and roll the window down. I dry from right and left and kind of let air dry. It takes its natural shape and falls really naturally and beautifully, almost windswept.

What does your quarantine beauty routine look like?

I don’t usually wear makeup. I like the lip stains a bit, I wear this Clinique lip liner, which is kind of like a lip balm, but with a bit of tint. So I use this for my lips and cheeks if I’m feeling adventurous. And if it’s for my zooms, I’m going to wear mascara, blush, maybe do a little makeup because I usually do interviews and stuff that’s on TV. But if I’m at home I usually wear a tinted lip balm with a lot of moisturizers and I feel really clean and fresh.

What did you watch and listen to?

I discovered lofi hip hop! When I read my scripts I like to have hip hop lofi in the back. I watched this documentary called Assassins, which was really interesting, and the one called The Dissident, which was great. I watched The Undoing. And Bridgerton!

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