According To A Celebrity Hairstylist, 4 Easy Ways To Get Beach Waves

According To A Celebrity Hairstylist, 4 Easy Ways To Get Beach Waves

Don’t let Instagram fool you: these effortless ‘I woke up like this’ beach waves do take a bit of work. Fortunately, there are some easy methods you can use at home to create that textured, tousled look, without going to the beach. For Ryan Trygstad, celebrity hairstylist and co-founder of Mark Ryan Salon, a big beach wave strikes the balance between prep and product.
He does explains, “Creating beach waves at home involves prepping hair with product and using a diffuser or letting hair air dry before adding texture with an iron or curling wand.” “The more irregular, random waves that result from air drying and ironing are what make the beachy hair look. A few straight ends here and there and relaxed, wavy pieces all over.”
Not all beach waves are created equal. But Trygstad, which counts celebrities like Emma Roberts and Laura Dern among its clients, has a simple criterion. He adds, “Beach waves would be described as an elongated wave.” “The wave shape generally follows a more natural pattern of wave with straight ends. The style should look like you’ve dipped in the ocean and dried your hair in the sun.”
Up front, Trygstad breaks down his favorite easy ways to achieve beach waves.

Flat iron braids.

One of the fastest ways to get an easy wave is to use a flat iron. Start by creating two three-strand braids and secure them with hair elastics. “Using a medium heat iron, press down on the iron to open and close it along the braid, working from top to bottom,” advises Trygstad.

Use a wave iron.

The Beach Waver is a favorite tool for creating waves. “Its unique design creates more of an elongated wave than a curl,” says Trygstad. “Use a hairspray that is light, matte. Outer Space spray all over before ironing.”

Take your curling iron.

Trygstad’s preferred method is to use a good old fashioned curling iron. “1 1/4 is my favorite curling iron size – a bigger iron will keep the hair from getting too curly. I love using Apres Beach by Oribe, Bumble and Bumble Surf or Cold -pressed Watermelon Spray by R + Co.” For a quick beach look, create loose waves by taking two inch large sections. “It’s also a great way to bring hair color to life, ”he adds.

Sleep on it.

Get waves without heat or damage. Before bedtime, divide the hair into two braids and secure them with rubber bands. Sleep and release the braids in the morning. Trygstad says, “Braiding hair before going to bed will add texture while sleeping.”

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