5 sexiest haircuts for guys who want to attract women’s attention

Hairdressers keep inventing new hairstyles and haircuts for men. Guys want to look good. They love to take care of themselves and their appearance. One of the most important elements in their whole look is the hairstyle.
Let’s see what types of hairstyles for men and women they find sexy and cool.

1. Floppy

Note that floppy cuts require some length. However, it is not necessary to have very long hair for this type of hairstyle. Men like it because it is quite simple to manage. If you have masculine features, limp hair will soften them. It is a good option for men who are not obsessed with the neat and perfect look of their hair. You look relaxed and relaxed with limp hair.

2. Strong fade

If you live in a warm climate then this is exactly what you need! It is great for the summer as well as for those who play active sports. High and tight fade can be very elegant and unique. This haircut also comes in a wide variety of ways your stylist can do it. How it will appear on your will will also depend on your hair and how straight, curly, thin or thick it is.

3. Soft and curly

If you wish to have a boyish look, go ahead and make your hairstyle soft and curly. It will make you look cuddly, friendly, playful and more approachable. Avoid this cut if you don’t want to remember a cute teddy bear.

4. The head of the bed

If you have a fun, approachable and spontaneous nature, go for the so-called bed hairstyle. This cut is really sexy and attractive. It doesn’t look serious: relaxing rather than official. It is typical that people with a stimulating individuality tend to opt for this type of cut. Use styling gel if you want to tame the locks.

5. The hipster

This is the most versatile type of hairstyle ever. It is extremely popular nowadays. Men all over the world choose the hipster hairstyle. There are many variations and you can always choose something for yourself. The hipster style is perfect for people with long and relatively short hair. You don’t have a certain length to wear this hairstyle. It’s easy to take care of this cut too.