5 Hollywood stars whose era is over

It is a god to be famous and to be successful. But it’s sad, suddenly, to become useless. Hollywood can be cruel at times.

Kristen Stewart

Bella Swan is not the same as Snow White. You never know what might happen in the future. The worst part is, you can never change your past. If you make a big mistake, you need to understand that sooner or later you will pay for it. Kristen made too many mistakes. Remember your scandal with your boss. Then she cheated on her boyfriend R-Patt. Things like that ruin your reputation. People tend to lose faith in you and don’t want to cooperate.

Jessica Biel

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a great project. He was immediately accepted and appreciated. After her performance in the film, Jessica Biel could have achieved a lot more. Unfortunately, there were negative factors that seriously affected Jessica’s career. We are delighted that Biel has received the Golden Raspberry Award, but that hasn’t stopped her from missing out on two wonderful offers. He could have starred in The Wretched and Batman. Acting as Fantine or Catwoman can make any actress extremely famous! Fortunately, Jessica is happy with her family life. She is married to Justin Timberlake. Now the two have a son. Jessica owns a restaurant and runs it quite well.

Adam Sandler

Ambitions and arrogance are two different things. Obviously it’s okay when you have dreams and try to make them come true. Arrogant people are never successful. You can’t expect to be accepted by others if you continue snobbing too often and for too long. This is what happened to Adam Sandler. This talented actor ignored the press, reporters and interviews. This is not very smart of him, since the Mass Media can be your friend or your worst enemy. Communicate and collaborate with people. Let them know that you are helpful and friendly. Otherwise your fate is to be neglected.

Mel Gibson

We will always remember him thanks to his roles in Braveheart. Of course, Lethal Weapon Franchise was one of his greatest works. Does Mel Gibson’s star still shine as bright as it used to be? We doubt it. It doesn’t take long to ruin your career. If you are a famous person, you should always keep in mind that the world is watching you and listening to your comments. Racist comments cannot be popular. All we can hope for now is that one day Gibson fans and audiences will forget his past mistakes and we will see this talented actor perform in Hollywood again.